This year’s North Satellite meeting took place at KBOO’s offices in Portland March 17 at 2pm. Drake represented the Council in person, and Russell attended via computer. Here are their notes:

CV North Satellite Meeting March 17, 2019 KBOO Radio Conference Room, Portland OR

*  7 persons in local attendance, (and one online via phone using Google Duo displayed on a computer in the room – Russell).

Ani Haines – Doors/KBOO, R Drake Ewbank – Doors/Springfield Republic, Tave Fasce Drake – Peace and Justice, Wendy from Arts Booth, and three other individuals from Peace and Justice and a two year old child who’s name was not written down.  Wendy from arts helped the group create pipe cleaner constructed large version mosquitoes to keep everyone’s hands busy during the meeting.

* Announcements

Beth –  Needs workshop info sooner rather than later, and hopes that some will consider doing workshops that are not all three days to relieve schedule crowding.

Scott –  Our Signs and Banners will be done by the Fair artists In the Art Barn on specific days, not in the Village as was usual in past

Joe Magner – will have a low frequency T Loop for Hearing Impaired and others to hear local content

Russell – Orientation will be done before all Village meetings, including the onsite meeting.

* Meeting was unable to make a connection to reach Lorena from LLL to have her join, we had only technology for Russell’s attendance via Google Duo.

* Information that was discussed and distributed that affected everyone:

Eligibility forms are online, the website was given out.  Application is different for service booths. 

50th Anniversary Speakeasy event was discussed (for Friday) there will be no bar event in Green Earth this year and 4A will have its bar elsewhere probably.

History and Photos are being collected and needed email and on website submission for 50th Anniversary.

Interior 50th Displays in Booths are being promoted and encouraged.

There is no Village Theme so far, still in progress…

Skeeter Duke’s idea of something showing people’s ideas of where we will be in the future in 50 years was discussed

* Arthur’s Proposal

All 6 persons present were in favor of both parts of Arthur’s proposal.  Asking for service pass status, and sharing the cost savings Village wide

* Council Roles

No individual present in Portland commented on Council Roles or Council Authority issues that had come up in the Village, despite being aware of the current Council situation and being reminded that input was being sought.

Russell commented via Google Duo that:

A significant role of the Council is to bring info to the Village to orient people.

Russell commented “The Fair is about Family”.

There was a comment made that Zak Schwartz should do a HIT (Human Intervention Training) in the Village.

Theme ideas  — other themes that were discussed were “Searching for the Heart of Gold” for the 50th anniversary was considered good, generally, and thought “Where love tries harder” was good and fit with our struggles, but not as well with 50th theme.

* Camping

Camping coordinator Sharon’s email was given out.   It is

It was mentioned that it was IMPORTANT to change and resubmit information if your 2018 camping info or record will change or is going to be new It will need to be updated as  Sharon does not have camping information from before  2018.

* The full Village “Mission Statement” from the guidelines, was read.  The fire rap was done by Ani.


The South meeting has become a virtual meeting. Here are Jason’s notes, scribed as it happened!


50th OCF year anniversary

AKA “The southern Oregon, central and northern California, Pennsylvania, and Atlanta Satellite Meeting.”

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM 22 March 2019

Roll Call:

Patrick, Matt, Molly, Jay, Tim, Russel, Nabha, Tovi, John, Elise,

Agenda Review

Raps (anyone want to volunteer?):

  • Consensus (Jay?)
  • Workshops/classes

Workshops fill up quick, check in with Beth. Workshop forms due by peach pit meeting. 1-2 workshops instead of 3.

Nabha had workshop, can various teams schedule workshops at the same time? To share the green at the same time? Tim, yes, think so, ask Beth. Email for Beth on cv website, same with forms. 

  • Orientation

Last yr, orientation mtgs ½ hr before gen mtgs. Covering topics in depth at each meeting. Putting together online thing. Email russel about this. any questions. Check out Orientation page on the new website.

Exciting to have more of this online stuff.

Lots of this is in meeting minutes if we want to look it up

  • Site (Tim?)

Lots of trees got broken, snow, tops off, not too much significant in cv. Storage area (big barn) collapsed, still trying to rescue stuff under debris. All pretty good.

We live in disturbance environment, pretty severe, along the river.

Work parties after labor day-ish. But there are ppl helping to clean up site. Contact bear on site.

Shane is site mgr. for fair.

Update: See photos of village damage HERE.

  • Camping/Eligibility Forms (Russell)
    • Eligibility Forms due Thursday 4/11/2019
    • Eligibility form due at or before this meeting.
    • Payments are due by May 9, 2019
    • Camping, if only camped last year, need to update your info with a form. If moving, need to fill out a new form to Sharon.
    • They will be at next 2 mtgs

Fair Announcements:

Russel: signs and banners (Scott) only working out of art barn, not focusing on making signs for cv this year. We need to make our own this yr. there will be work parties to help us help ourselves. Dates: june 2, june 16, June 20 at 12-4pm. Email russell or scott (email contact on “ppl and jobs” page on website) for more info. This is all at the Art barn.

John: Klamath bird obs, work w master gardeners, program organized by site mgr, xavanadu and stewardship. will be passport station again in cv. Do education about birds, go into cv, learn about what others are doing, then come back to station. There will be station in xavanadu to collaborate with the cv.

Going to do something with children about plastic stuff.


“cv. Where love tries harder”

Tim: woo hoo. Haven’t discussed yet, but lots of “good” ideas. Lol

Some emotionally difficult meetings this year,

“searching for a heart of gold”

Russel: to go along w 50th, gold them. Also with some cv songs. Bringing back older songs (60s’ and later). Get ppl something to ask us about (when they see the shirt)

___, Heart, symbol for gold; the year;

Combining lots of aspects. What year did it come out? 1972

Lots of ppl like these for lots of reasons.

Eligibility update (Tim)

Tim: last yr, sam and Katie did all the work with the forms. Sam got busy, his father passed, but he had the digital data. Tim got some of the stuff, used it to get more stuff, now all forms online. Not all booths use these forms, but they are there if ppl want them. 4/13 the data will be combined and provided to the booth coordinators and your booth’s Council liaison (spreadsheet table). This will be emailed. The edit button: one may change their answers. Forward copy of your email to the booth coordinator so that they have the information so they can confirm that you did the stuff. Talk to your booth coord to make sure you know what you need to know.

Eligibility Forms are now online HERE.

50th Update & Discussion (Tim)

OCF provided $1000 for the 50th. There will be a banner and other things. We will make a banner and paint on it.

Make something to go in each booth.

On last day, combine those things and make big art with other stuff too.

Time capsule: was delegated to kid’s council. Asked arch if can dig?  But instead, Ritz doing capsule thing. Just need to email them a photo or doc to save. They will preserve in some way. Due by 4/15. See last week’s cv minutes for the address. Coolio. Opened in 50 yrs. Mailing address only…you must send them something to convert to microfilm.

Nabha: green earth booth discussed consciousness around creating things for the 50th. Try not to use things that would only be used for one year. Try to use materials that can be used again, used in the future. GE would love that.

Tim: display in path to shady grove. Little Village side: historical artifacts, posteres, photos, wisdom; Moon Lodge side: our goals for the future in kid’s drawings. Could save these things for next 50th if we want. 6’ round table is a puzzle w 18 pcs. (Idea) and displayed each yr. Maybe incorporate into a ritual.

Russel: past and future has potential to be brought back. Walls: will have a day and a night feature using special ink. Could be saved, incorporated, into other things. Can we contact green earth to learn about different materials to help us? Yes, contact Nabha about this.

Tim: also, Friday night speak easy” having acts on stage, taking gather round tables placing in front of stage. Have cocktail party. 15 min sets (Bob scheduling). Other stuff on website, e.g. some ideas.

Enthusiasm at cv mtgs has been modest. Russel is collecting historic information, t-shirts, things that are gold.

Russel: send photos to  Cv mtgs are a good place to drop that stuff off. If story etc. with photo or thing, tell Russel to include with your stuff.

Diversity discussion

Nabha: GE booth discussing lack of diversity in environmental movement. How to reach this into communities, and the green booth and into the 50th anniv. Been excited to bridge stuff in mtgs, excited abt 50th, to be a renewal. Learn abt what has been going on in village. Bring in other groups that know about diversity and being that into the cv. Working that into our displays. Trying to find something else to do on sat night. Find places where we can grow.

John: looking towards focusing on women leadership and science and tech in our program. Lots of this is incorporated while observing birds in the field. Environmental movement needs leaders (women in science and tech).

Tovi: curious (to Nabha) any aspect of the economics of the env mvt? Bringing ppl out of the mvt, to bring them in by explain economic consequences?

Nabha: talking about how ppl who are already marginalized are harmed by these environ changes. Talking about incorporating orgs like in pdx, focused ‘env justice and diversity’ to bring them in.

Russel; talk about offering more workshops throughout the year (to address diversity). Looking for ppl to host these trainings or workshops.

Nabha: GE wants to bring this into the booth over the coming yrs.

Budget Proposal Discussion (Arthur’s ~ Change Fees)

Tim: Arthur’s 2 part proposal:

Booths in cv, do same kind of work. Few of them “service booths”. In fair, members of those crews get higher rate SOs (one per 2 passes instead of 1 per 3 passes). So, if we do this to all passes, we get 20 more so’s and will save money. because those passes are free.

  • We want same deal as “service booths” crews in the fair. Will possibly be received positively.
  • How divide saved money? Could get free passes. Or. Could take some passes, combine, decide average cost. Could do other stuff too.

If we want to consent to this, then we could let the cv know this.

Would not take affect until next year.

Russel: the crews outside in fair are going to want to work with coordinating crews in cv. Maybe cv will stay cv. No change in cv. Ocf exec director will be in control of coords. This is all on the website.

Nabha: does funding reduce costs, or could we put money to other stuff (construction, mitigation for stuff)?

Tim: good idea. And we get 20 more passes.

One Fun Thing (beverage time):

Fun! Champagne and beer (miller)

Unfair Announcements:

Nabha: GE no cocktail party this year. Maybe 4A will take it over…

Online Meeting Evaluation:

Tim: ya like: this meeting, was it like a real one?

Tovi: wants in person mtg too. Awesome option (online)

Tim: y’all used it well

Mike: Saved over 7 hrs of driving for us

Nabha: thanks tim and jay for taking this in short time.

TIM: peace and love.

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