OCF Community Village Meetings

January 9, 2020 7-9 PM

First United Methodist Church


Attendance: 60 approximately


Facilitators: Jackie and Sue

Timekeeper: Nel

Vibes: Loriena

Minutes: Nathan, Tim: Edits added 1/14/2020

Council attending: Tim, David, Karla, shadows Kim and Sara
Absent: Diane (recovering) Big John (flu) Russell (who knows)


Childcare rap from Lynn and Adrienne

Childcare is in Room 10 across the courtyard.

Childcare provided at all village meetings and some work parties.

Donations accepted for snacks, support for passes, and youth power.

Agenda review

Agenda order revised from announced agenda

“We Agree” rap

Site report (David)

Things are cool with minimal flooding.

Construction plans and budgets due

No report

Budget report (Karla)

Written report to be posted to DRUM.

Village is paid up to OCF for 2019 passes.

All reimbursements issued to villagers for expenses.

50th Anniversary funds were spent on coffee house and other programs.

Question from Spirit Booth about booth rebuild tabled until construction report.

Fair announcements

Become a member and vote in fair elections.

Those interested in performing on Village stage should email Bob at publicity@wow.org.

Fair membership applications. Elections matter. Your vote counts.

United Methodist Church is our new host and has sanctuary policy (Please Read)

Pass allocation proposal update (Arthur)

CV pass proposal presented to OCF budget committee.

CV booths that provide OCF staff services would be considered Service Booths:

Youth Power, Childcare, Info, 4-A, Stage, Carpenters.

OCF Budget Committee returned counter proposal

CV currently gets:

See emails from Arthur and John on DRUM for numbers (182 worker passes, 15 Council passes, 71 SO passes)

OCF proposes CV gets:

15 Fair staff passes for Council

50 Trade passes at no charge

140 Trade passes at $40 ($5600)

70 SO Passes at $85

Addition of 8 passes total.

Lower total costs due to more trade passes at lesser values

Total: $5600

To be resolved:

Costs of passes to booths, council, service booths, and significant others

Allocation of additional 8 passes

Council will review pass cost and allocation and prepare written proposal for review by village.


DRUM guidelines discussion (Loriena)

Community Villagers discussed guidelines for village dialogue on DRUM list.

Community Villagers agreed villagers are all responsible for guiding dialogue.

Possibly post a recipe, cat picture, or compost news to diffuse.

OCF code of conduct are useful (see website):

Each is entitled to respectful and equitable treatment from others.

Commitment to non-violence.

No abuse of any kind tolerated.

Village discussion:

Add please be kind.

What does respect mean? Examples.

Village reached consensus to post to DRUM monthly.

Village reached consensus to post to website.

For further discussion:

Please read code of conduct at village meetings.

Or post code of conduct at village meetings.

Or raise the theme during intention setting or Fair Announcements.

Remote meeting discussion

Village discussed feasibility of casting village meetings.

Loriena proposed tabling discussion pending review of previous meeting minutes.

Distinction between: Satellite meetings vs. Broadcast meetings

Recommendation that agenda items have speakers

One fun thing (Paul)

Cheek waggles, I Say Yes to the Beat in Me

Activist Report:                 Oregon Community Asylum Network

Brought 12 asylum seekers from detention centers to Eugene in 2019.

Supported by local sponsors; raise funds for legal fees.

Fundraiser on Jan. 25 at Unitarian Church; $15 donation at the door.

Tax deductible donations directed to CALC for OCAN.

Or non-deductible donations directed to OCAN.

Donations of silent auction items or services accepted.
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2271992126369308/

Activist spotlight proposal (Kim, Tim)

Scheduling activist reports at village meetings needs to be done.

Publicizing activist spotlights needs to be done.

Newsletter piece for Fair Family News

Video posted to OCF website.

Suggestion to hold time for all to offer activist notes.

Suggestion to ask booths to host activist reports.

Aspiring activist reporters should contact email on Theater of Change: ocfcvcc@gmail.com

Summary of council selection (John Flannery)

Council selection process is posted to website.

Process for the first week (till next Thursday) remains unchanged from last year.

Next year process begins with Stand for Council at October’s Village meeting.

Concerns should be raised within one week directly to person. (You have until noon, 1/17)

If it can’t be resolved, either party may seek mediation services.

It it can’t be resolved, Village Resource Group will arbitrate.


Village Resource Group report (Jain)

Meet on Sunday, January 19, 11 AM to 2 PM for training at East Blair Housing Coop.

See criteria on website and RSVP to Jain to attend.

Volunteers accepted and training required.

Stand for council

Russell Sudenga 541-870-5187 russellinpc@gmail.com (represented at meeting)

Karla Caudell 541.337.5319    kjcaudell@gmail.com

Tim Mueller 541-521-7208  tim@gwproj.com

Diane Albino 541 954 4721    iriedi@yahoo.com (represented at meeting)

David Hoffman (541) 484-9204    fixit@efn.org

Nathan Georgitis 541-743-5636  nathang@uoregon.edu

Big John: 541-606-4151  bigsqurlnuts@gmail.com (not represented at meeting, confirmed candidacy on the following Sunday.)

Shadows (council review process not applicable)

Kimberly Robles-Reyes, 541-743-3913  lizzycordich@gmail.com, (shadow)

Sara Sweatt, 541 554 2012 saralynnsweatt@gmail.com (shadow)

Committee work fulfilling CV eligibility requirements

Should we allow CV committee work to meet eligibility requirements

1 committee=1 meeting or work party

Tim proposes that allowance be made permanent.

How does booth empowerment figure into it?

Kim will prepare formal proposal for next meeting.


Non-fair announcements


Seed swap, Feb. 1, Amazon Center, 4-6 Pm followed by potluck

Kim wants to lead effort to post villager profiles to CV Facebook page.

Sun. Jan 12, 2 PM, Monroe Park, Climate Revolution bicycle rally

Sat. Jan. 25, OCAN fundraiser celebration of immigrants

Sat. Jan 25, anti-war rally, 1-3 PM, location TBD

Dark Star Orchestra Feb. 8 at McDonald

Whirled Pies dance parties 2nd Tuesdays, 4:30-6:30 PM

Shaggie Rolling Stone show on KRVM


Strokes and pokes

Thank you to all who arranged new meeting space.

Setting goals and durations for agenda items and letting us know.

Need to have speakers for all agenda items.

Minimize side-talk so all can hear and track.

Speak loudly or use the microphone.

Good job, Loriena.

Good job, Tree.




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