Community Village Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2020

Facilitators: Ben, Paul

Minutes: Nathan

Council Members Attending: Tim, Diane, David, Nathan, Big John, Russell, Sara (shadow), Brooks (shadow)
Absent: Karla (ankle)

Childcare Rap

Childcare in Room 10. Donations to support childcare.

Set intention

Lareina set intention for the meeting.

New space filled with love and community.

Agenda review

Diversity Committee Report added

Fair announcements

CV Workshops and Demos: Please complete a form, due at May Meeting

Village Orientations 6:30-7 PM before general meeting, see DRUM postings too

OCF Membership: Join and Vote in Board Elections; Get involved!

Welcome new Village Council

All stood and were welcomed

Site report (David)

Minimal flooding.

Remote meeting announcement

Remote meeting by Skype open to any villager in late March; stay tuned for details

Could North Satellite meeting be online accessible as well? Open question.

Expressions of support for enabling remote, online access to meetings.

Elder Status Record Keeping (Jain)

Keep record of your involvement; 55+ years old plus 20 yrs. service

Booth coordinators keep your records.

Where do booth records go?

Work party project matching (Sara)

Sara proposed coordination of work party activities and booth member participation and skill sets.

Proposal: Council sets construction schedule, council members lead tasks, and booth coordinators arrange booth member participation and learn skills booth members have to help match them with needed work/projects.

This builds on previous practice. More communication, both ways, and planning will help.

Stay tuned for village construction schedule, communication between council and coordinators

One Fun Thing (Paul)

A fun thing learned from a friend – group stomp and bodyclap.

Activist report: Extinction Rebellion (XR) (Sue and Karen)

Non-violent direct action movement, begun in U.K.

Four demands relating to environmental and social justice, see DRUM post

Eugene Chapter meets once monthly, next Feb. 26, 7 PM First Unitarian Church

Article in Fair Family News HERE.


Pass pricing option discussion/decision (30 min) (Tim)

Council presented three options for consideration. See Theater of Change.

Village discussed issue and options. Proposed additional options and variations.

Village discussed history of practices of pass distribution and costs.

Village approached consensus on: []

No consensus reached.

Next meeting we will revisit this for consent to share pass cost with all no-cost pass holders who agree to do so. If there is no consensus, no-cost passes will remail no-cost.


Allow committee work to fulfill pass guidelines: proposal/discussion (Kelsey)

On behalf of council, options for consideration presented. See Theater of Change.

Village discussed issue and options. Village proposed additional options and option variations.

Village approached consensus on: []

No consensus reached. We will try this again this year, same as last year, see how it goes. (People can count committee work as 1 of 4 legibility activities.)


Non-fair announcements

Diversity Committee report

See report posted to DRUM.

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