Formerly the South Satellite Meeting

Because the in-town March 12 Community Village meeting is cancelled (the Church closed for 10 days – read their statement HERE.) there might be a greater interest in attending the Remote Meeting. This meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 14 at 7pm. In order to participate you must have a Skype account and send your account name to Jay so he can invite you. (details below) Skype has a participation limit for group meeting at 250 for a business account like Jay has, definitely plenty for us. Other platforms have a smaller number of participants limit. We realize many folks cannot attend due to the software, etc, but at least some of us can gather for a video meeting and discuss the agenda.

For those among us who had reports planned – W&D, Construction, Site, Consensus rap, Diversity Committee Report, and Activist Report by Lost Valley Education and Event Center – as well as any other Fair Announcements, please consider adding your announcements to THIS POST where all will be directed to view your information.

Council will meet next week to plan a way forward through this pandemic.

Tim Mueller

How to Connect to the Remote Meeting, Saturday March 14, 7pm

  1. Install Skype on your device: laptop, phone, tablet.
  2. Test it to be sure it works: Send a test call to me at tim.mueller8 . I will respond someway… Make sure your audio is working, too. Jay will not be able to decipher tech issues while facilitating the call.
  3. Send your Skype name to Jay Patton here:
  4. Jay will  then send an invitation to you to participate. The invite should appear in the left column of the Skype app under “upcoming calls: “Community village meeting”.
  5. Click on that link under upcoming calls a few minutes before 7PM Sunday and you should be in.

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