All Villagers are invited to check this out and consider what YOU would like to do to make this happen (if there is no Fair. …


Virtual Community Village Fair Experience Committee, April 18 notes

Present: Adrian (4A), Ingrid & Brian (GE), Nathan, Tim, Jeanette (GE)

Ingrid can help with techie stuff
Nathan can do whatever
Jeanette will help brainstorm

We went over Adrian’s outline of how and what a Virtual Village Experience could include and be organized. This is outlined HERE. All agreed the organization was right. Adrian can train helpers that step up to do some of the tech work like hosting “green rooms”, behind the scenes stream feed directing, etc. Other roles include creating “overlay artwork” to frame scenes or for green screen backgrounds, helping activists/orgs create recorded or streaming content, booking and scheduling content (workshops, presentations, performances), and coordinating rehearsals before going live.

We need enough volunteers to do all 3 days, though 1 day (Saturday) may be all we can do, so let’s just start with Fair Saturday… Start small, grow to 3 days

Elements of what we could present could include:

  • Workshops that could begin with a presentation then go to a Zoom room where interactions happen. The presentation part could be recorded and re-used, just like some workshops happen 2 or 3 times onsite.
  • Sort of do like a radio interview (short or long) with one person asking another questions followed by an interaction segment
  • For some Fair whimsy, record fake/funny “commercials” for your activist goals
  • Include short Frog joke clips
  • Create a way to accept donations for orgs and tip jars for performances, with Village consent, but no paywall to attend.
  • Performances could be streamed (Cassandra was mentioned) or pre-recorded YouTube stuff.
  • Ingrid may be able to help facilitate with software reading docs for blind and making type for deaf.
  • Brian wants to do a fermentation workshop
  • Could be multiple streaming or recorded workshops so EVERYONE who wants to do one could have a slot. This is an opportunity to do that workshop you’ve never been able to do.
  • Performances also could fill the whole time instead of quiet time like when onsite. More acts possible as well as shorter bits of pre-recorded music videos.
  • Performers and bands could make use of JamKazam software to perform in sync from multiple locations.
  • Include accessible links to info, photos, petitions, etc to be referenced at workshops and to live on our website all year.
  • We could feature online videos presented by celebrities or national orgs that support activist goals we support.
  • Give people choices to navigate the Village experience just as if they were walking into the village, looking for something interesting to them. Helping to create “the Taste of the Village”.
  • Virtual stroll through gallery of art work
  • Zoom or YouTube participatory Dances of Universal Peace

Other comments:

Try to have rehearsal for volunteers, dry run, well before the event to work out kinks.
Get Fair policy that might effect this effort, may be co-create… Adrian is meeting with OCF folks, Nathan will reach out to Energy Park.
Adrian has gear to lend
Need a style guide so that all our Village stuff had a somewhat similar look/organization of options, though unique craziness is good!
Maybe have a unifying bit of theme song…say Love is the Power or My Country Fair by Steel Wool…?? (Tim said that)
Have menu of different lengths, mix of live and recorded, that would be posted for guests to navigate.

The meeting began with concern that doing this for 3 days would be too much, and ended with the concern – what will we do if too many folks have content for us to use? That’s a good sign. We are hoping, once the Fair makes a decision about cancelling or postponing, more energy for this effort will surface…

To Do:
Nathan will reach out to Energy re: plans of your own?
Adrian will meet with OCF folks & add all in this meeting to Slack, a platform that make collaboration easier.
Tim reach out to Stage & Workshop Beth for content development, and to KOCF and KLCC for possible coordination.
Somebody reach out to booth coords listing options above so they can activate/excite their boothies.

Another meeting will be scheduled via Doodle Poll for the week of April 27 – May 2. Here is the link to choose your best dates: 

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