Below is a link to a Doodle Poll for the 4th meeting of our Virtual Fair Experience committee. If you have skills, time, or energy to help make this happen, please join us as we prepare a presentation for the May 14 Village meeting.

Here are notes from the 3rd meeting…


Community Village Virtual Fair Experience Committee April 28, 2020

Present: Tim (Council), Chrissy (Doors), Adrian (4A), Virginia Neylon (GE), Garrick Balsy, Bob Fennesy (Stage), Ingrid, Nathan (Council), Greta, Cat McCormack (sp?)

  • Went over project summary…
  • Adrian has been to 2 OCF meetings about maybe going virtual too. OCF meetings talked of technical feasibility, focused more on support for vendors, and the need for interesting content. Question, if the Fair goes virtual, should we still have our own or integrate with Fair?
  • Who is gonna watch? We’re counting on Fair to help with PR. Need to make it interesting, entertaining. Tim has reached out to KEPW about broadcasting audio of our proposed performance stream or the “Main Show” that would include more elements (or clips of them) than just performance. He will follow up and contact KOCF as well.
  • Security: We can’t control content is a live stream…If someone is inappropriate. Need a secure stream. Adrian will be researching various platforms for live streaming to find the best. Moderators can shut out bad eggs. Lost Valley is using a platform called “HopIn” for their event this weekend. Hopefully Setesh will be able to attend our next meeting with feedback. Here is the event, in case you wanna see how it works.
  • Content discussion:
    Main Show: An MC (Steve Brown?) chats up a bit between pre-recorded segments, a music stream w/MC pointing to workshop streams, etc. A “landing page” would have links to all the offered content.
    One plan calls for 3 streams w/hosts…if we can find hosts…: Performance Stream, Workshop Stream, Booth Hangout Stream. See attached PDF.
    After hours content…to hang out, music? Some folks excited about this!
  • We got a starting list for things we definitely want to do:
  • See Bob Fennessy’s comments below…
  • Interview (some with live QA) Eg: some of Elders re: history
  • Booth demos, Zoom type hanging out for public and each other
  • Live entertainment from a classy, well lit venue with great sound
  • Stream remote entertainment – Cassandra, Asher, were mentioned
  • Pre-recorded entertainment
  • CV Celebrity monologue, Celebrity? Patch Adams is hard to reach… Chrissy will try. Or pre-recorded activist messages/speeches from people like Winona LaDuke.
  • Music Videos – Tim’s My Country Fair and more
  • Art demos
  • fake commercials (advertise your non-profit with humor)
  • Documentary-esque segment
  • It’s “high level” so things like frog segments (pre-record a bunch with funny green screen backgrounds) would fit into “pre-recorded entertainment” or “live entertainment w/ venue”
  • We can of course add things, but these were just the quick things everyone agreed on and
  • Guided archive of content / history / documentary
  • Other Comments
    Live stuff needs tech support and rehearsals!
    More Green Screen stuff. Who can do green screen videos?.
    Can we meet socially distance onsite maybe…?
    Could do a one day virtual in conjunction with Teddy Bear…?
    Need one person to organize communication and resources for the committee, develop a press release. Tim will get something ready.
  • We’d like to do another meeting relatively soon to discuss workshops roles. See the Doodle Poll link above.

From Bob to Everyone:  06:03 PM – These questions need answers…

I had the CV Stage schedule about 3/4 complete.  If we want to give them all the opportunity to play in the virtual village we would need shorter sets.  I can contact those performers and find out if they want to participate, but need more info for them.

What day will this be?  What hours? What does the performer need to do?

Most already have content on YouTube they could let us use.  Others, like Cassandra, have already done live steam so we know they can do it.

Do we need a signed release to put them on the radio?


Notes by Tim.

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