Meeting Notes below…
You are invited to participate in this historical event in the likelihood that our Fair is cancelled this summer. A full report of this committee’s progress and resource needs will be presented at the May 14 Village meeting.

So far we have developed plans for a one day into the evening multi-stream “Show” featuring live stream performances, interviews, workshops, and possibly Booth Hangouts via Zoom. But it all depends on volunteers to create prerecorded and live stream content, and who can coordinate timing, rehearsals, online infrastructure, and more. If you have skills, please consider attending this next meeting.

Virtual Village Committee meeting .04 Notes
May 5, 2020

Present: Tim, Adrian, Crystalyn, Bob F, Ingrid


Reach out to artists and booths. Tim reached out to musicians through Bob. A few have responded already. Bob will send out a message to ALL the musicians who applies, not just the ones he had begun scheduling. If WOW opens we may be able to do a small show day of Fair. Should look at alternatives, though… Tim is also reaching out to W&D Beth, she hasn’t responded yet…he will keep trying. Ingrid will ask her booth members…

Adrian can help bands do a video recording/performance.

Tim will look for W&D Beth on Facebook. Ingrid will ask her boothies. Adrian will ask Gweneth.

Tim – Show lead
Ingrid – Show planner
Booth hangout program – Sara? Tim will contact her
Tech team: Jamie, Doug, Adrian

OCF progress:
Virtual Fair is being planned…virtual, clickable map is being developed, with maybe lots of stages. Click on CV on their map to come to us… OCF may prefer pre-recorded rather than streaming content. OCF folks could help edit our videos as volunteers. Our platform and OCF’s would link viewers to each other.

Historical footage from Paxton so Adrian could edit stuff now. “Breathing Media” is doing a CV historical video: Kyle (free) we hope to access. Crystalyn will help connect Adrian to these resources.

If OCF wants 3 days, we could replay our 1 day.

Is OCF streaming after hours stuff? Reluctant… Call after hours a night time Summer Fling? From WOW Hall, maybe.
There is NO BUDGET…no spending Fair money.

Show details

Ingrid can help with show scheduling. Use a google form? Adrian will set up forms. Need to confirm, also do outreach. Make a Google form for workshops too.

NC / Host candidates:
Foogle the dragon as a host (Mary Callahan)…Steve Brown – Tim will ASK! Norma Sax…Casey Marks Fife (Hawaii)… Paul Simon
Tim still needs to make the Press Release for the May 14 meeting.

More Content ideas:
Sweep skit??
Village Green hang out? With music in the background?
Reach out to booths with what do they wanna do? Workshops, hang out, interviews/pre-recorded, presentations…
Feedback Google Form – what do ya wanna see.

What equipment we may need.

Adrian reviewing platforms

Volunteers needed:

Overlay art work….. Fair themed NEED a visual artist…frames GET T-shirts… Adrian : Reach out to arts booth…
Crystalyn mentioned a bunch of artists/photographers for this. Adrian will contact.
More puppets the better


Meet again next week. Tim will make poll, though Tuesday 5:15 seems to work.

Community Village is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Identify and fill volunteer roles to create this virtual event
Develop timeline
Prepare report for the May 14 Village meeting

Topic: CV Virtual Fair Experience Committee .04
Time: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 05:15 – 6:30 PM 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 8901 2024
One tap mobile phone

Dial by your location audio only phone
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 853 8901 2024

Participation Guidelines.

  1. If you have difficulty connecting, call or text 541 521 7208
  2. You may enter early at to test your connection and operation.
  3. Activate your computer mic and camera as instructed.
  4. Mute your mic when you are not talking to avoid background noise.
  5. If you join via telephone, please identify yourself right away.
  6. Use the Chat function to ask to speak/get on the stack, not to just chat…

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