Join our dedicated group to help prepare for the first ever Virtual Fair. We will be:
1. Putting the finishing touches on our presentation to the Village Meeting on Thursday May 14.
2. Assigning volunteer roles to manage the event
3. Reporting on content securing progress
4. Getting serious… 🙂

See previous meeting notes HERE.

Community Village Virtual Fair Experience committee meeting Notes .05

Present: Bob, Tim, Adrian, Jair, Ingrid, Nathan


Check in how’s it going?

Tim: Beth contacted, she was given email content to send to her workshop elist. Get Adrian her e-mail: Beth Mottweiler

Adrian: A separate workshop google form is being developed in addition to the entertainment form. Both are still being developed. Adrian getting list of hosts from Last Valley

Tim: Jim Page responded to call to perform, wants us to consider a long Zoom meeting that performers take turns and an audience would come and go. Other performers who responded include Peter Bergel (Dr. Atomic), Dharmika Henshel, Percy Hilo, Tara Velarde, STEEL WOOL, Omo, Raventones (TR Kelley). Steve Brown and Frog and FOOGLE are on board for MC.

Bob: invited confirmed acts, then more applicants from past years, will send it out to the whole village. After May 15, governor says gatherings up to 25 people should be OK, if that works, could do a WOW Hall stream. WOW is good!!!

Jair worked on a live show in Zoom. Zoom (webinar option) can output to Facebook or YouTube live…Keep it simple. Ethernet hard line was used to maximize quality and signal strength. Need Ethernet adapters to improve internet?

We’ll Need:
A director switching between scenes, inputs

Green room, waiting lounge, staffed to get folks ready.

Hope to beam high quality audio

Need content, keep up with Beth and Bob. Nathan reach out to booth coords. Tim will set him up in their elist.

Connect our show to OCF

Virtual mic checks and rehearsals will be planned (Ingrid will work on schedule)

Ask for art work on press release – add that Jamie is from Doors. Tim will do.

Rebecca and Louis Childs who presented at Jair’s event are who…?

OCF is behind us getting organized

Reorganize press release into categories to make it look clear – headers? Entertainment / workshops / hangouts. Done.

Do stuff on our website, embed live feed from YouTube. All in one place.
Tim set up How to Participate web page on our Village website. Just needs google links.

By June Village meeting to do:

For June Village meeting…draft schedule…do a promo…have all platforms decided…with how to guides…individual scheduled rehearsal/mic checks via doodle (Ingrid)

Encourage people to take the laptop outside on July 11

For May Village Meeting

Live form links by Thursday

Press Release finished and send as PDF

Notes by Tim

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