Community Village Meeting Notes, May 14, 2020
Via Zoom.
Council: Tim, Sara

To participate in the Community Village Virtual Fair Experience, learn how to here.
Tell Spirit Booth how much you want a Virtual Opening Circle:
Looking for t-shirt / upbeat theme ideas. Send to
Booth Coord meetings are being scheduled:

Agenda discussion:

Set Intention – 5

Agenda Review – 5

Fair Announcements – 5

Review Budget proposed by Fair budget committee

Eligibility forms and all forms due today

Booth coords track on boothy’s attendance in this meeting

Booth breakdowns independently encouraged

Eligibility forms will be updated by tomorrow morning, if any don’t have the right link ask Tim so they can get a specified link w/o eavesdropping

Hope is that booths will get together to talk about plans for virtual fair. Booth Meeting Schedule HERE.

Report from Virtual Village Committee – Discussion – 30

7:14  Screen share of community village virtual experience press release

This was sent to everyone in ‘the Drum’ as .pdf file, can be found on a new webpage that is linked to the homepage.

Committee met 5 times, to create a plan, here is shown the ‘show plan’ as a place to start

Time/date of your content is tbd depending on how many people sign up. The Virtual Event is July 11.

Under ‘main show’ : Live streamed opening circle, virtual via zoom-type platform, zoom Sweep, more…

Open to questions:

General positive consensus, “The virtual sweep is hilarious”

7:16 Question: “Will the virtual village be recorded?”

Answer from Adrian: All stream will be recorded, uncertain as to where that will be uploaded to. It will be available to view at other times. Certain sections (e.g. livestream workshops) may be clipped out and given to the intellectual property holders “

Statement: Thankful for Tim and Adrian for all that they are doing as far as going to virtual meetings, organizing online events, etc.

7:20 Tim: Deliver positive consensus for ‘opening circle’ to members of spirit booth so they can spearhead that organization.

Livestream of musical concerts will be included, Bob talked to the sound team at the WOW hall and they volunteered to put something on to be included with this, details of performing acts are tbd

Frog will have recordings of himself telling jokes

Pre-recorded music videos will be made available for these sets

Activists groups are hoped to provide promotional videos to include in this lineup

KindTree has 5-6 minute promotional video to be included

Virtual workshop schedule is being organized, clarified

7:23 Suggestions presented for ‘virtual sweep’ final details to be decided later

MC Hosts lined up: Steve Brown, Flooble the Dragon (puppet) Still looking for a total of 6-7 people to MC events

7:24 Request for potential MC interest from meeting attendees

Response: Christy is willing to fill-in as a floater and/or co-host, w/o harboring the majority of the responsibility

7:26 Tim has talked with KEPW and KRVM and KOCF (waiting on responses) for potential simulcast from these radio stations. Some have suggested that listening to the radio is more desirable than ‘staring at a screen on a sunny afternoon’

7:27 Working on interactive demos and workshops as well as pre-recorded ones

Mind Freedom is in discussion with Patch Adams to do some sort of presentation

Winona LaDuke as one potential ‘virtual guest speaker’

7:28 Historical video or slideshow, Adrian say that Paxton with OCF operations is collecting raw video for editing, but there is someone else involved working on a documentary that features community village, identify of this person is currently not known by meeting attendees. First name is Kyle

7:29 Booth and Village Hangouts

A couple booth members will ‘hang out’ for a shift that people could link into and join a ‘virtual booth’ within a given time window. Only worthwhile if booth members are staffing it. Will be reaching out to booth coordinators to organize a set schedule, volunteers for staffing, etc.

7:30 General ‘village green’ room for anyone to hang out in.

7:31 Klamath bird coordinator asks: ‘is this going to be integrated with what the community village is doing, or is this going to be an independent thing?

Adiran’s answer: we are currently fairly separate, but if it makes sense to integrate more with OCF we will do so. Currently have the support of OCF

Klamath bird response: we are used to being integrated with the stewardship people as a station on the passport program. Very interested in knowing how our lack of physical presence will affect the ecology of the fair

Youth Power:

Three Chip Presentation, Outreach related to what the tweens do, educational discussion of who we are and what we do for the fair, both in person and beyond

Adrian: If there is anything individual booths want the hosts to point to about their organizations during the livestream, the hosts will need to be supplied with information, links, etc. in advance so it can be disseminated at the appropriate time

7:35 Scotty: Currently has a video of Patch Adams and is currently in discussion with Patch Adams for consent to use it. It is a video of Patch Adams singing an ‘underpants song’ in shady grove.

Adrian: Permission is paramount, legalities of consent aren’t clear, but as long as everything is above board it would be a welcome addition to the body of digital work.

7:37 Erica: what is the plan for preventing ‘zoom bombing’

Adrian: We are not set on zoom as the digital platform, there are about 40 platforms that need to be assessed for moderation and accessibility that best suits our needs. Require a high level of moderation security for workshops and livestreams. Will not be an issue for pre-recorded workshops

7:39 Question: Clarify forms of security for chatrooms, video monitoring, etc.

Answer: There will be live moderators with a preset code of conduct anywhere where live interactions are happening

Suggestion: Could each member or each booth make a short video discussing what they are and what they stand for.

Answer: Adrian: 1-7 minute pre-recorded segments that can be featured w/in the live stream for each booth discussing who they are, what they do, etc.

7:41 JITSY platform mentioned as a possible platform

7:42 Question: Would Jaimie like to talk about an update for the OCF media team crew? No response from Jamie…awkward

Suggestion from Tim: Elders from the video could make a video discussing Elder perspective of the fair. Anecdotes of memorable experiences from the past.

Elders interview bulldogs? Or bulldogs interview elders?

Adrian: For those that want to provide content but may not know how best to utilize the hardware and software to do that, we are working on providing basic tutorials for this, Adrian will also be offering his personal email address to provide direct support for those who may desire assistance in creating content for the virtual community village.

7:44 Tim Screenshares the “how you can participate” document available on the Drum, which outlines the different ways individual members of the fair can get involved.  I did not detail the individual aspects here because it is available in greater detail on ‘The Drum’ and on our website.

7:46 Request for those with Tech experience or nice equipment to volunteer to facilitate content creation by others

This document contains links to volunteer a workshop, record a performance, etc.

7:48 Reading of quote related to the internet and the fair and how times have changed

7:49 allusion to T-shirt Ideas this year.

Question from Courtney: Sharon are you the person that we contact regarding workshops?

Answer: No Sharon is in charge of camping. Wants whiskey…

The Workshop person is Beth, typically, But she is not involved in setting up the virtual stuff this year. Nathan is helping, Ingrid is helping to schedule them. On the website there is a form to facilitate the scheduling of workshops

There are 2 forms on the website to put forth a workshop or some form of entertainment, either livestreamed or pre-recorded. After submission someone will reach out to you directly

Call for artistic content for the livestream, Reach out to Adrian directly.

Question from Linda: What is the best avenue to get in contact with kids involved with the bulldog.

Answer: The drum is the best option, or you can reach out directly to either Tim or the Booth Coordinators

Richard Widget is on chat to talk about the T-shirts

Question from Scotty: Wanted to ask what Adrian is looking for in terms of content (photos, videos, etc) for the livestream.

Answer: Adrian: Call for artwork that provides buffer for video content, ideally community-village themed artwork that will surround the stream. Similar to web design or postering but significantly less involved. This includes pictures featuring community village, ideally in very recognizable way. Iconic booths, people, etc. Think of the picture as a ‘Frame’ that surrounds the video stream.

Diversity Committee Report – 5? Nope.

7:56My computer died at this point of the meeting :/

One Fun Thing – Save the World – 10

Attempting to count to 10 without anyone overstepping anyone else. Even harder than when in person.


Theme / design ideas for virtual village / t-shirts…?- Discussion – 15

7:59 Tim would like something that incorporates a bandana to speak to the theme of COVID social distancing

Anita Asks: Can we use the media from the 50th?

What about the idea of having black on black, because it’s ‘the dark year’

Answer: can you make that into a tie-dye?

8:03 Showcase of the “alone together” broken heart peace, and discussion

Richard said he could also put the design on facemasks

Suggestion: 51st year: Virtually together

Suggestion: Submission of article of clothing we would want the design printed on

Rich’s answer: That would be tough

Another good point: Different materials may or may not absorb the dye appropriately

Suggestion: Pre-orders

Richard says: He could make up a shirt and make them to order with a pre-purchase

Another thought: I like the idea of bittersweet, but focus on a broken heart is not resonating with me. Asking for more positivity in design

Adrian: I like the concept in some ways, but it does feel a little defeated

Tim: A call for artists to develop something different, something with lightning bolts maybe?

Tims email to coordinate all these designs, volunteering, etc is:

8:10 will need this in the next week or so to make it happen in time for the virtual fair


Activist Report – ???- 10 N/A

Additional Agenda Items – 5 N/A

Non-Fair announcement – 10

8:13 KindTree ‘Autism Rocks’ has cancelled their summer camp for the first time in 22 years.

8:15 The Conference on Information and Networks had over 200 attendees. What was amazing is that we got to collaborate with Street Roots out of Portland, which creates a number of newspapers that housing-insecure vendors can sell. They have now developed a resource guide that housing-insecure folks have access to, along with other valuable resources. There is a link in the chat with examples of ways to do more new-school projects.

Richard has asked for the following theme to be shared: We’re all here because we aren’t all there’

8:16 Michael: Our elected official are still there as well, send them emails, calls, letters, etc. to let them know we are still working to save the planet, support communities, and urge them towards any other causes that speak to you.

Voting in the primary can be done until Tuesday, but must be done by ballot drop-off, too late to mail them

Strokes & Pokes – 5

8:25 Suggestion for ‘a stack’ so folks can sign up in the chat for a speaking order

Adrian response: could program a bot to moderate this, simple, effective and impartial

Tim suggestion: One person could say “I’m going to meet you at the green at 3 o’clock, those individuals could then go to individual breakout meetings for a more private interaction.

Adrians response: This requires moderator permissions, it would be great to find a platform that allows this.

Suggestion: random conversations at The Fair being simulated by random assignment of private conversations, sort of a community village ‘chat roulette’

Adrian’s response: may require care in order for this to be done safely, have adequate moderators to keep an eye on participants

One of the pillars of this whole thing is to foster discussion. Using the steam and the workshops to facilitate discussions.


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