Our Virtual Village project is picking up steam. Over 20 music acts have applied to be featured. Booth Coord meetings confirmed they are planning some very special things, including a virtual Opening Circle, interviews, booth “This is who we are” videos, and a virtual plant walk. Some volunteers have stepped up to help the day of show, though we’ll need more. OCF has committed to feature our Village portal on their main page along with other virtual Fair projects being developed. Our effort, led by Adrian Acosta with the help of Nathan and Ingrid, has inspired the whole OCF family to create their sections of this historic Fair.
We have scheduled another committee meeting for Tuesday June 2 at 4:30pm. Here are the Meeting Notes:

Virtual Fair Committee Meeting .06  Notes

Present: Tim, Adrian, Jair, Karen, Audrey


Random notes:

KOCF will be broadcasting our entire Saturday CV Stage Stream!
Over 20 acts have applied, their platforms and videos are being collected.
Omo has recorded Teddy Bears Picnic video.
Virtual Fair volunteers will hopefully staff our Village Green hangout room all day.
List of equipment we still need for the day is at the bottom…


Name / Theme discussion : Ideas… “Community Village Presents” “CV Online Event” “Village in the Clouds” “Making Lemonade” “CV Virtual Fair Experience 2020” Add “Welcome”

Depending on which theme the village chooses:

Presenting A Community Experience: The Village is Everywhere

Presenting A Community Experience: Making Lemonade in the Air

Presenting A Virtual Community Village Experience  “The Village is Everywhere”

Welcome to the CV experience…hosts could say periodically.

Presenting A Virtual Community Village Experience
“The Village is Everywhere”

Settled on:

A Community Village Virtual Experience:
“The Village is Everywhere”


Website stuff:
Right side widget labeled “Wanna Go HERE?

  • CV 2020 Stage | Main (Zoom)
  • Workshops
    • Village Green Hangout (Zoom)
  • Booth Hangout Rooms (platform TBD)
  • 3D Village (Hubs)

Sidebar:  WIDGET
•  scrolling Schedule (Stage and Workshops) Well, it turns out the calendar needs to be an iCalendar to get embedded in the widget, so I added “schedule” after workshop. See the link below.

I also created a widget with a photo gallery that might be cool to include musicians if somebody to get photos from their websites…
A third widget in the webpage right column will be the present “Love Goes Here” widget, but please add a link to ZOOM’s policy…
The CV page links widget will be left off this page.

Platform requirements
Going with Zoom for WorkShops, have folks get registered. Can do close captioning and for booth hangouts (use free accounts)

Booths can choose their hangout platform if they wanna hangout, will need to schedule times they will staff the hangout. If they use Zoom, they could install a free version of Zoom and restart the meeting every 40 minutes (possibly). Or Mozilla Hubs (has a virtual village presence) Jair likes, Adrian not so much. Messenger, Google Hangouts, ZOOM, Hubs

9 or so folks have entered workshop ideas!! Gonna need some tech help, it looks like, as many seem unsure.

Demos scheduling – do we need to train zoom users or whatever, Matrix will staff green room, may use other studio

WOW Hall is a definite maybe, Adrian is meeting them on Thursday. Other venue options just in case? Another large enough and equipped studio space may also be good. What about COVID? Control room, minimally staffed keep distance. Will arrange to do it from homes in needed.

List of equipment we have, but we still need… Adrian will share.

Recommendation: Ethernet cable (hard line) may avoid wireless glitches.

OBS: check it out…for broadcasting multiple feeds

ToDo Notes:

  • Tim (add wordpress access for Jair) – update webpage – Tim is gathering URL’s and video files from musicians…many more to yet arrive. Add new drive for parking video after uploaded. Artist contact, send images to inspire portal design:
  • Adrian (send Hubs link)—> imaginify [at] gmail [dot] com – In the new parking drive (warehouse) is a document with URL’s that need download and perhaps editing for length and content. So far that is Adrian’s job to download, Tim can help edit if needed.
  • Nathan is communicating with Booth Coords


Gear Still needed:
– More video capture hardware, for 3rd camera
– Reliable hard drives for live-archiving
– Portable  lighting for field interviews
– A mixer or three
– More microphones
– Clip microphones?
– A green screen?
– Studio lighting
– Desk for hosts
– In-ear monitors for hosts
– More tripods


Topic: Community Village Virtual Fair Committee .06
Time: Jun 2, 2020 04:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting via computer or browser

Meeting ID: 892 4580 6676

One tap mobile for smart phones

Dial by your location for audio only phones
+1 669 900 9128 US

Meeting ID: 892 4580 6676

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