Community Village Coordinating Council Retreat

Community Village Coordinating Council RetreatMay 22, 2021 Brooks’ house, the “Purple Pearl” Present: David, Brooks, Sara, Nathan, Tim, DianeIll: Karla, Kim Agenda 10:00 hang out10:30 Intro games11:00 June meeting onsite/walkabout issue11:30 Booth Coord connectionsNoon – stretch break12:15 Mission Statement1:15 Fair shifts1:30 Diversity plan going forward2:30 – snack break3:00 General Housekeeping (see below)4:20 - safety break4:30 … Continue reading Community Village Coordinating Council Retreat

Community Village Meeting Notes May 13, 2021

Community Village Meeting May 13, 2021 Present: Tim, Cordy, Jair, Karen K, Karen A, Lexi, Transponder, Kelsy, Jared, Sara, Lareina, Jeanette, Chrissy, Jain, K Walters, Horst, Emz, Sarajessica, Jade, Mark, Nathan, Eric, Diane, John F, Lexi H, Brooks, Sue B, Linda M, Laura, Scott, Goprinda, Carrie, Barbara, Brian, River, David, Banjo Mike, Rich W – … Continue reading Community Village Meeting Notes May 13, 2021

Village Meeting April 8, 2021

Village Meeting April 8, 2021 Present: Tim, Sue & Michael, Karrie, Sara, Flannery, Diane, Nathan, Diane, Brooks, Lareina, Cat, Scott, Jain, Marlene? Ernie, Flannery, Wendy, Laura, Adrian, Sam, Krene, Richard, Margaret, Kim, Horst, Chrissy, Cindy Vail, Tave, Plaedo, Council not present: Karla, David, Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – Host)Set Intention (5 Minutes, … Continue reading Village Meeting April 8, 2021

FairEz Meeting #4 3-30-2021

Present: Tim, Adrian, Crystalyn Agenda Progress reports:EntertainmentHostsHangoutsWorkshopsArtworkOCF progressTech stuffFundraising Entertainment – 35 acts so far, may be able to shunt to other stages. Hosts – to do soon! Arthur and Anita too. Omo n Chrissy, Steve Brown. Do an application? Sam R? Do a QnA with chat, tell stories… Adrian wanted to do that, with … Continue reading FairEz Meeting #4 3-30-2021

Community Village Minutes, 3-11-2021

Community Village Minutes, 3-11-2021 Facilitators: Lareina and JaciNotes: Tim Attending: Jaci, Tim, Lareina, Jamie, Adrian, Syn B, Sara Jessica, Pleado, Kelsey, Sara H, Sharon, Jain, Maya, Mike , Kim, Krene, David, Karyn, Susan aka Ladybug, Jeannette, Barb, John F, Rickard W, Nathan, Kevin, Karen, …Fred, Karla,28 attending Agenda:Hello – in breakout rooms (15 everyone – … Continue reading Community Village Minutes, 3-11-2021

February 11, 2021 Community Village Minutes

Community Village Minutes, February 11, 2021 Council present: Tim, Sara, Kim, Nathan, David, Brooks, (total villagers: 29)Council not present: Diane, Karla Minutes by Sam Rutledge Facilitators: Sara and Kim Hello’s (20 Minutes, everyone) (everyone to say name, booth, and three words to sum up 2021.  Tim - On council. so far it’s a good day. … Continue reading February 11, 2021 Community Village Minutes